304.79-desktop-winxp-32bit-beta.exe 7월 3일자로 NVIDIA 사이트에 등록된 NVIDIA GeForce v304.79 베타 드라이버입니다. 

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윈도우 XP 

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Adds support for NVIDIA TXAA 

NVIDIA TXAA is new film-style anti-aliasing technique designed specifically to reduce temporal aliasing (crawling and flickering in motion) through a combination of hardware AA, custom CG film style AA resolve, and a temporal filter. 
The Secret World is the first game to support TXAA (support will be enabled in an upcoming patch). 
TXAA is supported on GeForce GTX 600-series Kepler-based GPUs. 
Learn more about TXAA on GeForce.com. 

New SLI Support 

Adds or updates the following SLI profiles: 
The Secret World - added 
End of Nations - added 
Nexuiz (also provided earlier via NVIDIA Update) 
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (also provided earlier via NVIDIA Update) 
Tornado Force - added 
Tribes: Ascend - updated 

Key Fixes 

Fixed a compatibility issue with Civilization V and GeForce 400/500 series GPUs. 
Fixed instances of flickering or missing mouse cursor when hardware cursor is enabled (reported with Aion, World of Warcraft, Eve Online and others). 
Fixed instances of very low frame rates in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (DX11). 
Fixed an issue that caused a PC reboot instead of a PC shut down. 
Fixed an issue that led to a black screen after driver installation. 
Power management mode settings now persist across driver overinstalls. 

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GeForce 600/500/400/300/200/100 series: 
GeForce 9/8/7/6 series: 
ION series